Kid-Friendly Camping in Wisconsin

As a parent myself I know camping can be a real drag if your kids are bored, you don’t have fun and they don’t have fun.  So, since the camping season is upon us I thought I would share with you some of the Wisconsin “kid-friendly” campgrounds.  Well, I should say, MORE “kid-friendly” campgrounds because, really, I would think all the campgrounds would have stuff for the kiddos to do but I picked out a few that really shine when it comes to entertainment for kids.  Of course it depends on what your kids like to do, I have a nephew who is happy as long as he has a lake and a fishing pole!

The first one is Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, gosh, is Yogi Bear even on TV anymore?  I don’t know but there are several Jellystone Park locations around Wisconsin so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one near you. Check out the video below from the Warrens location, looks like fun!

The next one is Plymouth Rock Camping Resort in Plymouth, Wisconsin.  Wow, how does two large heated swimming pools, an arcade, fun themed weekends and mini-golf sound?  That’s not all…check out this video of one of their very popular activities…(hint, it includes shaving cream!)

The Hayward area has so much to offer and the Hayward KOA Kampground is a great place to camp.  They have fun themed weekends, a swimming pool, a 300′ waterslide and a whole lot more.  Take a look for yourself in the video below….fun!


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