Ramps (Wild Leeks) – Identification & Recipes!

Photo by PictureNewYorkLG

Ramps (aka Wild Leeks) are up in Wisconsin now, they are an onion that grows in the wild, along streams and rivers.  The tops look somewhat like Lily-of-the-Valley, you can easily tell by smelling them, if you have ramps, obviously they smell like onions.  Notice in the picture above a hint of burgundy color just below the leaves, this will also help you with proper identification.  They are a bit stronger than a regular table onion so use them sparingly.  Below are links for recipes using ramps…

Salmon with Spring Leeks in a Wild Mushroom Wine Sauce

Pickled Ramps

Wild Leek (aka Ramp) Pesto

Wild Leek Potato Soup

Wild Leek (Ramp) Risotto

Roasted Chicken, Ramps & Potatoes

Wild Leek Buttermilk Biscuits

Roasted Wild Leek Tart

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