Sturgeon in Wisconsin

Photo by The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The Wisconsin state record for Lake Sturgeon is 170 lbs. 10 oz. 79″ long, caught on September 22, 1979 out of Yellow Lake in Burnett County.  That is a huge fish!  If you want to find sturgeon, look along Wisconsin’s major river systems, especially the Lake Winnebago waterway system which holds the largest single concentration of sturgeon in the world.

Most fish in Wisconsin spawn every year, but the sturgeon only spawns every 4 to 5 years and they don’t start spawning until they’re 25 years old.  When spawning it’s almost as if the sturgeon are dancing, notice the “dancing” of the sturgeon in the video below…

The sturgeon dates back to the dinosaur ages, it’s amazing to me that this species has survived for so many years.  For more information on sturgeon in Wisconsin below are some great articles, enjoy!

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