The Peregrine Falcon in Wisconsin

Peregrine Falcons are listed as endangered in Wisconsin due to pesticide use in the 1960′s.  The birds were reintroduced in Wisconsin in 1987 with the release of 14 captive-produced young peregrines in Milwaukee, Madison, LaCrosse, Racine and Pleasant Prairie.  As of 2006, the Wisconsin reintroduction program had established 27 territorial pairs and fledged 435 young. 

The Peregrine Falcon is often stated to be the fastest animal on the planet in it’s hunting dive, the stoop, which involves soaring to a great height and then diving steeply at speeds commonly said to be over 200 miles per hour. 

Here is a great video from National Geographic showing the amazing diving abilities of the Peregrine Falcon.


 As of 2010, nearly half of the state’s nesting sites have been at power plants, collectively averaging about 40 new chicks during each of the past two years.  They prefer high places for nesting to protect them from predators. 

So how can we help the Peregrine Falcons?  Here is a great article with instructions for building a nesting box.   Build Peregrine Falcon Nesting Box    If you do happen to be lucky enough to attract a pair be sure to let the Wisconsin DNR know.

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